While at OKRP, I got a chance to work on various products in Reckitt Benckiser's portfolio. Projects included e-commerce content, AMG, banner ads and mailers. 
We approached our RB KY/Durex client with an idea of capitalizing on smaller holidays by creating banners ads and promotion specific to that day. Our first event was for National Sex Day (6/9/). I worked with our Second City writers table to come up with copy. Needless to say, we had a little too much fun making these ads. The client loved this so much, she extended the idea across various brands like Veet and Amope for holidays like National Brow Day, National Best Friend’s Day, etc. 
RB asked us to create postcards for specific events and promotions, which would be included in all Amazon and Pharmapacks fulfillments of their products. The first event they asked us to create a mailer for was Prime Day. The challenge came when we were told we couldn’t specifically mention Amazon (aside from in the SmileCode instructions) or Prime Day in the piece. Playing off the iconic Amazon packaging, I created a mailer that resembled their boxes, while not specifically mentioning Amazon or Prime Day. 
The next mailer I was asked to design was for Mucinex. They wanted to include a sample with each postcard, so I created an interactive postcard where once the sample is removed, a reminder to shop for more is revealed. 
I also designed was for KY and Durex for Valentine’s Day. Imagery and copy had to be kept family friendly, which lead to the concept of getting your significant other something they’ll really enjoy this Valentine’s Day.
Due to the success of our Enfamil ecommerce content, we were asked to develop above and below the fold content for Digestive Advantage. We created content for their base product, new Pre and Probiotic line, and their Kid’s line. 
Reckett Benckiser wanted a refresh of their Amazon brand page. I wanted to showcase their vast portfolio of health and wellness products, and weave in some brand storytelling to show how RB partners with you to help you live well. 
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