While at Hangar12, I worked on a brand positioning and visual refresh for the popcorn seasoning brand Kernel Seasons. In order to stand out in the crowded snack category and the inherent clutter of social media, we created a visual expression that was boldly colorful, playful with props and accessories, and captured fun, celebratory occasion environments that focus on me-time and we-time snacking occasions. 
CD: Melissa Egan, Sam Sanchez   Copy: Sheila Trinley   Photography: Matt Meschede and Neil Burger
The imagery and visual identity system we created was then used across the brand's website, e-commerce pages, banner and programmatic ads, and social media. 
We also created and managed Kernel Season's organic and paid social media. All imagery and content was created on a very small budget by either myself, or shot by one of our photography partners, Ashley Poskin. 
We also made a "POP" quiz series where we took the Kernel Seasons bottles and made them into famous movie scenes. Can you guess the movie references?
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