Gramovox is an audio electronics company that most notably created the Floating Record vertical turntable. I worked in many of ecommerce marketing formats including, web design, UI/UX strategy, display ads, email marketing, social campaigns, etc. as well as print and promotional campaigns, experiential events, and collaborations with companies like Universal Music Group, Frank Sinatra, Lakeshore Records, and many small independent record labels.

Scratch off cards for "Record Store Day" Floating Record giveaway.
Screen printed tote for "Record Store Day" giveaway.
Playlist art for Gramovox's monthly playlist series and coordinating eblast.
Web design and UI/UX strategy for Gramovox's website. Click for full site.
Designer felt record mats.
Display ads for the Sinatra edition Gramophone.
Logo and coordinating mark design for the "Lew Loves" web series.
Tri-fold brochure design for the Floating Record.
Business card design.
Playlist art and coordinating email for the vinyl release of Nicolas Winding Refn's film, "The Neon Demon".
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