Although people buy Ricotta cheese typically to make lasagna for big holiday get-togethers, with COVID-19, there would be few large family meals, and even fewer lasagna meals. Therefore, our overarching objective was to position the Frigo Cheese brand as the go-to resource for delicious new Holiday Recipes by inspiring consumers to use Frigo Ricotta cheese in new and different ways.
To increase purchase frequency and drive brand awareness, we needed to think beyond lasagna. Knowing there are a lotta food recipes that use Ricotta cheese, we created the Holiday Frigo Lotta Ricotta Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes. We helped consumers discover the many unique recipes made with Frigo Ricotta cheese. And rewarded them with quality prizes from our partner Cuisinart. We tapped into Food Network celebrity Chef Emily Ellyn, known for her fresh takes on everyday recipes. Chef Emily created 12 new Ricotta recipes to feature on the website. Programmatic display ads, recipes videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, plus an email campaign provided the marketing support. 
We had over 760,000 entries into the Holiday Frigo Lotta Ricotta Instant Win & Sweepstakes helped foodies discover new recipes made with Ricotta cheese! The top vote getters were not pasta! They were a delicious Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, and a Cheezy Chicken Alfredo Casserole. Food Network Chef Emily Ellyn created the unique Ricotta cheese recipes, while 500 Cuisinart prizes were awarded to the participants. With over 11,400,000 Impressions delivered through social media and online advertising, awareness and news about the new holiday recipes spread everywhere. Our Lotta Ricotta program also won a 2020 GOLD PRO AWARD.
In addition to the sweepstakes, we also produced recipe videos with Chef Emily Ellyn to inspire and help increase trial and purchase of Frigo® ricotta cheese.
CD Art: Melissa Egan CD   Copy: Sheila Trinley   Director: Ross Little
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