While at OKRP and Juice, I worked on the baby formula brand, Enfamil, primarily on their digital marketing strategy and e-commerce projects. Work included Enfamil's homepage redesign, redefining their motherhood milestone editorial content, and helping push their brand voice and visual identity. I enjoyed getting to work with Enfamil for 2.5 years and be able to see a somewhat stodgy become a bit more daring and relevant.
The Enfamil web team asked us to create a homepage they could test against their current page. We had to represent all areas currently on the site, but chose to streamline and simplify the way it was presented to create an easier user experience. In both concepts, the hero banners contain video to help visually engage the user.
Amazon Media Group adamantly said single products on white backgrounds convert best in their environment. I challenged this by creating a series of ads that worked off an insight from Enfamil that “Mom shops by color”, meaning, she may not remember the name Gentlease, but she remembers she buys the purple Enfamil formula. 
These ads tripled the previous set in conversions. The 300x250 unit alone sold over a million units
Enfamil tasked my team to create content that would re-engage Moms who had shown a decline in opening Enfamil’s emails. They also wanted content that would cross promote products in RB’s portfolio that support the idea “happy baby, happy mom, happy home”. Our strategy was to focus on new moms and create content that was genuinely helpful, while positioning Enfamil as a partner to Mom in her journey through baby’s first year infographics that contained helpful tips for mom.
One piece of content I created was a series of infographics. The first two infographics were sent to Mom while her baby was 0-3 months old. The third infographic focused on baby-proofing your home, and was sent at 6 months, when baby is beginning to be mobile. The infographics I designed and illustrated lived on Enfamil’s blog, were sent in emails, and were additionally formatted as social sponsored posts. 
In store promotional displays for Target to support Enfamil’s launch of their revolutionary new formula, NeuroIQ, The displays included end cap, in aisle, in aisle signage, and secondary shippers.
Most of Enfamil’s sales come from retailers like Target, Walmart, or Amazon. We were asked to develop below the fold content for Enfamil’s products that would show up in the “from the manufacturers” section . Our goal was to help increase sales by providing the consumer with more information on why they should choose Enfamil. We created a visual system that stayed consistent across all Enfamil products. Through adding visual interest, emotion through lifestyle photography, and providing relevant information, we created rich content that almost doubled conversions on third party retail platforms. Due to the content’s success, we were asked to reformat our content for Enfamil Canada and Enfamil Spain.

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Enfamil asked us to shoot their new product line “NeuroPro” specifically for ecommerce. Their previous product shots were flat, poorly done renders. Over the years, we showed Enfamil the importance of having beautiful, accurate product photography, and how that impacts ecommerce sales. Consistency was of the utmost importance while shooting and editing. The images attached are from two different shoots and two different photographers, so making sure they felt cohesive presented a challenge. Legibility of the label was also very important, since these images could be clicked to zoom in by the consumer. I was responsible for art directing the shoot and help with retouching. 
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